Apple Battery Charger Assessment

In as we speak’s excessive-tech world, batteries are becoming ever extra vital for powering digital gadgets so investing in a battery charger is smart economically in the lengthy term. apple usb charger wall (site)’s first battery charger, the Apple Battery Charger has been quite a talking point amongst tech fanatics, most notably for its compact, minimalistic design and low standby energy usage. On this review, we’ll take a closer look into a very powerful options of this charger.

As you’d expect from an Apple gizmo, the design is smooth and compact so you will have no drawback fitting the charger onto an influence strip like so often happens with many other chargers on account of their bulkier design. To keep consistent with its minimalistic design, one small gentle is situated on the top of the gadget which provides you indication of the charging status.

A handy facet which makes this charger great for journey is that the AC plug is detachable so it may be changed with numerous totally different plugs which allow you to use the charger in different countries.

One of the largest promoting factors of this charger is its low power draw. This means that after the charging cycle has accomplished, the charger reduces its energy consumption to just 30 milliwatts. The average battery charger has a consumption of 315 milliwatts, so this is quite a difference.

Included with the charger are 6 quality AA NiMH batteries. These are supreme if in case you have an Apple iMac so you’ve got batteries on the prepared in your wireless accessories. The batteries seem to be rebranded eneloop cells, that are the perfect available in the market for efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, they have a low self-discharge price so are very long lasting.

The charger holds up to 2 AA cells, however fortunately you possibly can cost cells individually if you want to so you are not restricted to charging cells in pairs. Charging times are acceptable. A full cost of 2 cells takes around 5 hours.


Apple obtained the design of this charger just right. It is superbly designed, highly transportable and versatile so if you’re after a journey charger this can be a good option. Although this charger lacks a few of the advanced features which similarly priced chargers supply, it has all of the fundamentals which are obligatory for charging AA cells. Plus the inclusion of 6 rechargeable NiMH batteries is greater than what most other battery chargers at this value point provide. Should you need a compact and purposeful charger, this small charger from Apple is a superb choice.