Existing Home Sales Increased In October

Last week there were several discussions about the market and it`s doldrums. One issue in particular was the fact that one of the financial analysts was proclaiming to folks in the Media that “The Sky is falling”.

Next, you have to start marketing your home. Place a “For Sale” sign outside your home. You will be surprised to see how many people end up buying homes after walk-ins. You can even prepare flyers that contain all the information about your house. Leave them at the offices of real estate agents or distribute them http://en.yucui.org/?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=49333 (my response) at market places, where many people are together in one place.

The closing date can be used as a tool in your home buying arsenal. It can make your offer seem more desirable even if it is a lower bid than others are. Find out early what the sellers expectations are in terms of the closing date, and use it to your advantage. Make your offer and let your agent know that you are flexible on the closing date and try to know the best mortgage rates that he can offer you. The seller may just find the value of time much more preferable than the value of money.

Especially if you are a first-time seller, it is an excellent idea to have a realtor show you the ropes of home-selling. The experience that a realtor has in selling property is one of the biggest advantages to engaging his or her services. Remember that there are certain realtors who have an area of specialty when it comes to selling homes. This is a great option to look into if, for example, the house you are trying to sell is historical.

Meanwhile – selling a home for someone who hasn’t sold a home in many years means you need to take your time. Sometimes agents come across as condescending – even to the point of acting as if the seniors were somehow deficient in intelligence. Don’t do that.

I propose more education for consumers, perhaps financial education is the path. Many of these folks cannot even balance a check book, they just cannot do the math. Something must be done soon or this turbulent market will last until 2009 June. Well, that’s what I have to say, I’d like to hear your thoughts, condemnation or dismay. I hope I have given you something to contemplate in 2008, something must be done before the setting for this Subprime Lending Sun.