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As part of its ongoing infrastructure investments, VeriSign says it has worked on developing many advanced technologies that help further secure and streamline core Internet operations.
To that, the fact that you have one local business helping another. This dual perspective means resellers can offer niche services to their local business community and in the end, really make an impact on their customers online reputations. Survey also revealed the way resellers interact with their customers and establish new contacts.For instance, 43 percent use social networking websites to offer a complete suite of web solutions, while 78 percent of resellers emphasize one to one relationships and have customers contact them directly for assistance with IT services.The company also surveyed more than 1,800 small US businesses, in which 40 percent of the respondents said they are currently without a website.
Next stop, Blair Witch Project.’ ”Walk, don’t run, to Hugh’s flickRun Hugh, run!For one scene in his latest movie Mickey Blue Eyes,” Hugh Grant draws from a past filming experience to help inspire his athletic abilities.There was a scene in (Four Weddings and a Funeral”) where I chased Andie MacDowell, and I was very humiliated when the director came up to me and said, Hugh, could you please run like a man?’ Which I thought I was,” Grant says in the September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.Since then, everyone’s always begged me not to run in films, so I thought, let’s write a whole scene about it.
Ensim Power Tools, upgraded in March, allows hosting service providers and their customers to install and configure interactive Web applications. The company said that with Power Tools, hosting service providers are able to offer specialized, value added hosting plans, allowing them to generate increased revenue per customer.offering a free license of Ensim Power Tools, we are providing a better, more simple way for HSPs to broaden their hosting services, says TJ Dupont, director of product marketing at Ensim Corporation. They have more power to deliver a more complete offering, resulting in more profits and more revenues.
Strategically select Internet providers like Mzima Networks that offer comprehensive, fault tolerant backbones, ensuring our bandwidth intensive services and applications are reliable and efficient.
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