How to Do Your Own Custom T-Shirt at Home

Are you tired of all the mass produced t-shirts that you often see in stores these days? If you want to veer away from looking like everyone else that you see on the street, then why not try doing your very own custom t-shirt at home? If you have a good sense of style and designer instincts, then this little project would definitely be a cinch to you and makes for a good start off point before you start designing and creating other types of garments.

online t shirts printingDo not worry if you have absolutely zero experience when it comes to making clothes, you can easily just buy one of those shirts at the mall that you think needs a little sprucing up. Whether it’s a plain shirt or an oversize shirt that you want to fix up so that it’ll fit you better, the possibilities are endless as long as you don’t limit your creativity.

So how can you get started on this? Firstly, try to think of a design that you want to achieve both for the print and cut of your shirt, once you already have something specific in mind, then start shopping for the materials that you are going to use. From the actual shirt, fabric paint, sequins or what-have-you, again, do not limit yourself to what’s popular in the street as this is your chance to finally wear something that is uniquely your own style.

Once you have all your materials ready then it’s time to get started with your custom t-shirt. If you want to have a design printed on your shirt, you can easily create an iron-on transfer of the design pattern that you can use on your shirt. It’s actually pretty simple, all you need is a scanner, computer printer and the actual paper for the iron-on transfers and just simply print-out your pattern. For special add-ons like sequins, appliqu