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Here is how you use loans to improve your credit. The quickest way to make a difference to poor credit scores usually involves doing what it takes to show the credit reporting bureaus that you can be responsible with your loans. What that means is, that if you don’t have an installment loan that you’re paying back regularly (and featuring prominently on your credit reports) just yet, you need to go apply for a personal loan or something like it. Once you start paying it back regularly and on time every month, you’ll find 100 points added to your credit score in no time. And it doesn’t have to be a personal loan either. You could get a student loan or a car loan to your name too, just the same.

First of all, I want to dispel the idea that is forming in your mind that you are a bad or irresponsible person. Yes, your credit history is not perfect and may be marred by one particular event or a series of them. The key is to put that behind you and to start to repair the damage. Start by initiating some simple credit repair steps.

Read and understand the entire loan agreement carefully, especially the repayment schedule, as well as check whether you can really afford this loan. The loan details may be wonderful, but if your pay check does not give you the cushion to take the loan, re-consider your decision before you sign the agreement.

For buying the car, you will need to avail an auto loan. But before that, it is essential that you consider few things. Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?

Bad credit history of late payments, defaults, arrears and CCJs, can be countered if you have assured the lenders about your right intentions of repaying the loan. A way to instant approval of greater amount of loan is to make some down payment to the lender.

Always read the small print and make sure you understand exactly what you are getting into. Some companies who provide guaranteed bad credit loans may have some rather unfavorable terms and conditions. You can expect to be paying more for a loan in terms of fees and interest than when you had a good credit rating, but it shouldn’t be a lot higher. Often bad credit loans have some ridiculous fees and charges that will only ever put you in a worse situation than when you started.

A bad credit payday loan is often known as a paycheck advance. The loan is often a short term, unsecured loan that is usually repaid on a person’s next payday. The purpose of the loan is to make available, emergency funds for people who have bad credit. These types of loans as mentioned above are short term and are meant to last the length till the person’s payday. This is usually 2 weeks to a month. These types of loans are very small and the typical range in which a person can borrow the money is around $100 up to $1500. The interest rates associated with these loans are extremely high, due to the fact that they are giving unsecured money to someone with bad credit. The interest rates are usually in the range of 400%-900% per year.

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