Micro-phase weak burst! “Optional day head” male bishop you taking part in dodge?

Wangwen Wonderful God “trick” to Chinese development, the new “Optional working day in thoughts,” the limelight increasingly powerful. Right now arrived information of the current e book, PK sport appears “Yeah understanding move”, or will be made to conclude tour of the similar identify in the “dodge the program.”

“Yeah information move” very first seems in the e-book, is the heroine of “yo” face proficient “Yeah recognition stage,” the demon armies assault, she’s amazing musical devices and all unable to parry sword.

In the “Optional Working day in thoughts,” Chapter 80, “masterpieces of war instant”, the male host read out “Yeah awareness stage” three situation, so that treatment of the household to stay clear of the sharp opponent’s sword, won that PK crucial sport.

Yeah expertise stage, Pina, if fleeting, If You Long Wan is its shape, subtle abnormal gait, and set himself invisible in the darkness, see the enemy flaws in a strike, even though stay away from the enemy’s attack, no matter if it is murder or escape are pretty to the force.

“Yeah know-how move” arrive and go in a specific assortment of this characteristic, at 1st look identical to Jin Yong “Dragon” in Lingboweibu impact. Lingboweibu Babaliushisi I Ching hexagram is centered on pictures of the orientation of marching travel, from the 1st phase to the very last action just to wander in a circle, just suggests that run, and run quick.

And “Yeah knowledge step” is that – to borrow from the agility key concealed in the snow, to disguise their whereabouts, in addition to much more than 3 thousand orientation, there are entrance and rear bearing sequence.

Lingboweibu weak burst! “Optional working day head” male bishop you playing dodge? !

The e book “Jesus consciousness action” is not rumor inferno Cheats, peerless and unbiased, when the male is mainly because the acquainted 3 thousand Taoist, to learn the mysteries of footwork.

One can picture that, if intended as a “dodge”, then “dodge” the method will get the greatest degree of expression – with the various kinds of martial art magic formula, just about every showing a unique martial artwork will dodge competencies.

For the gamers, I want to PK fiction male host that cost-free selection of children, it really should perform a flair to stroll and even soar interesting, might be a no smaller problem.

In addition, “opt for working day in head,” the ebook tour synchronous mode is also induced a lot of folks to suspect that the recreation “dodge system” in the long term can open up more online games are played, and even concerned in the battling? And no matter whether these will be challenging play dodge written fiction, so the reserve “Jesus consciousness move” visual appearance price much more and much more awesome? Also please gamers and avid reader friends wait and see

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