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4 Essential Elements for Lightboxes
Advertising is getting more competitive and also the display of images or your poster is allimportant. Inside a shop, in shopping malls, even at trade fairs there are so many things competing for clients’ attention that only the displays that are most powerful stand an opportunity of getting seen. Illuminated LED lightboxes are so essential to get a poster noticed. The illumination brings colours to life, makes graphics stand out more and text becomes easier readable.
So just why pick LED lightboxes particularly over fluorescent lightboxes?

The latest lightboxes are brighter than ever before. LED technology permits the light so that there aren’t any shadows or dark corners to be quite equally spread. The light is steady and persistent, unlike fluorescents that might flicker as they age and take time to warm up with their maximum brightness.
LED lightboxes come in several different colour choices – they’re generally daylight balanced as standard, but should you have specific conditions, possibly to get a golden glow to complement a graphical effect that was special, light-emitting diodes in various colours can be arranged.

LEDs biggest draw card for those looking to reduce overheads and enhance their carbon footprint. They use electricity that is significantly less than other kinds of lightbox. Because they use so little power they are able to even be run-off a battery or a car charger, which will be a good factor if you need your advertising screens to be portable for outside occasions and mobile services.

Because LED’s are solid state light sources, they don’t have filaments or the delicate glass tubes that make light resources so fragile. This makes them much more sturdy with lower maintenance costs. In addition they last a whole lot longer – up to 100,000 hours of use compared to 10,000 hrs of the average fluorescent.

LED lightboxes are more slender, more compact and weigh less than lightboxes. This makes all of the difference if you’re hauling them around to seminars, but also makes a distinction for installations that are long-term . A slimmer profile shines less in the wall could be fitted readily into halls and aisles, simply take up less space behind counters and usually appear more refined and modern.

So light-emitting diode lightboxes take the prize in every category – the sole negative is they may cost slightly more to buy. However lightboxes pay the cost difference off in saved advantage and energy costs ten times over.

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