Whip into a sword dance! “Optional working day mind” will set the huge shift?

Now, Xiao Bian led the players a taste of the novel in the 1st big transfer those people colorful figures well-liked use of it!

择天记吧Full tactic from the mountain Gladius

Gladius is from the mountain Jun Akiyama doorway division standings Albatron many characters are from the mountain Jianzong, Gladius overall tactic terribly imagined, and Shangui moment rock star hook cross day, Revlon zero Wu listening to the title there is a poetic sharp, feast on ivy chain with a few measures established to overwhelm forward piles gained a sum of praise, a major transfer is definitely the very best choice.

Wenshui three type

Tang thirty-six ancestral dwelling Wenshui three-way sword clouds closing night, sunset hanging, a plain maple, also with swish and solid, is the most impressive Tang sword, this sword was plenty of only a few actions Yet another working day for times, the most important is the significant go required to beautiful effect, no question it is the most correct.

Evening clouds closing, Shino are fire, there is almost nothing extra energetic than Huoshao sunset hanging, hanging a setting sunlight sun, what could be a lot more intensive than it a basic maple, Changlin are dyed total product, there is nothing at all which is far more Brilliant.

From greenish yellow

Yo whip in no way gently swung downward, under Zhongshan storm sword strokes, the environment colour, precarious mountain, this is how the momentum. Zhongshan wind and rain from greenish yellow, bald possible for wind and rain, where by there is shock, the place the scent ululation, greenish yellow wind and rain is not a big shift, that what counts is the large transfer it?

Flying White

Across sword on, random absent, this is the primary white Zongguan fly from blurring. This move came out to open up the blade will lower the quantity of air turbulence surface white floc silk highway, its opportunity fly raise, dry wire is connected, There are blank evil eye, powerful persons resorted to such a potent sword, so to sit tight Qingyun checklist, so sharp sword if the huge go will surely trigger turn into well known indignation.

Earlier mentioned is Xiaobian most favorite a number of large shift, as the tale progresses, and probably there will be extra to the drive of tips, do not know “Optional working day in head,” the video game program could be among these tips into the match? Please wait around!

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