9 Tips With Naked Casting Couch

(The following story is a work in progress documenting the excitement and tension of a reunion of two kinky friends..
Details changed to keep it anonymous, but inspired by a true story. Actual sexual contact will come in part 2 onward.) ..I used to feel like.. I was made of steel. I felt like nothing in the world could catch me off guard anymore, after .. I trailed off, looking into my glass of now quite watered down whiskey on the rocks.
Krystal was my ear tonight, a lifelong friend visiting from a few towns over. A light chuckle prompted a knowing nod from Krystal, who was leaning in on one arm. I rest my head on her shoulder, cradled by her long, fruit smelling red hair, and glanced up at her, feeling an excited grin curl up in the corners of my mouth.

Surely youll LOVE this, knowing you. Sex is always on your lips, now adays. I thought, rather admiringly. How best to continue.. The look on my face seemed to perk up her interest. What happened? Dont tell me, you finally caved and went back to cock, didnt you?
backstage casting couch She giggled, with a sideways glance. God, how can she be so naturally seductive? I thought, recalling the years of boys teasing her for her constant Fuck me expression. I looked around nervously, before realizing there was no one else within earshot of her patio.

Her friends had all left and wed already dusted off a few drinks (in her case, four) Well