An air travelers’ alliance is putting pressure on the EU not to license modifications to the law that will certainly make it harder for consumers to assert payment for long flight hold-ups. From the delayed flight from Kuwait the departure time that supposed to be 11pm due to no pilot according to the Kuwait airlways staff at the airport and had a flight the next day past 8 am Kuwait time, using the very same air travel number. Within that postponed flight from Kuwait airport, we experience another hold-up of flight when we stop at Bangkok airport. We just stay inside the aircraft, for fueling and change of air travel crews/ expected to be last only for 1-2 hours just.

When the air travel was canceled they unceremoniously disposed us back in the freezing cold check-in location at 11pm without any method of getting house up until transportation started running again at 5am. Having actually talked with the CAA as well as British Airways today you can certainly make a claim for an EU261 compensation claim with them for bmibaby for anything approximately six years back.

Not knowing exactly what his insurance cover is I would nevertheless be amazed if there was anything that would cover such conditions as acts of terrorism are generally beyond normal cover right here in the UK. I’m not exactly sure if it is the very same in Australia, so you would need to examine his policy. The Court chose that the technical fault in the case, namely an electrical wiring defect in the fuel valve circuit which might not have actually been prevented by prior upkeep or prior visual assessment, was not remarkable”, and payment was due. Provided this unpredictability, we plan to delay handling of your compensation claim till we have had more explanation from the Supreme Court.

But Emirates suggest that the EC261/2004 regs only put on the very first leg of my journey, which would not be a payment event as the delay was listed below 3 hrs. Due to a faulty Fire Extinguisher discharging in the cockpit, our flight was diverted to Barcelona, where the pilot and co-pilot were medically cleared, the extinguisher was changed and the aircraft re-fuelled. The CAA have actually recently issued legal procedures versus a variety of airline companies (including Ryanair) relating to compesnation in this location.

If this is best and can they state that if other airlines do provide compensation, Ryanairs site states they do not provide monatary compensation for hold-ups can you please verify. I have had an e-mail flight delays compensation (which ariived after they did lastly take off!!) saying that my only rights were to change the flight to another day (subject to availabilty) or a refund. Thomas Cook air travel was delayed by 7 hours from Gatowick to Antayla in June 2013.flight delay compensation easyjet

As Air Canada Rouge is NOT an EU airline company and the air travel was not departing from an EU airport you are not entitled to any payment under the EU261 judgment. We are not practitioners in Canadian Law nevertheless we would encourage you write back to Air Canada Rouge and ask to change your vouchers with cash. Jet2 have now sought leave for a more appeal, so the final effect may not be clear for lots of months yet. I am hoping someone can aid me. My household and I underwent an 8 hour delay in November 2012 flying back from Orlando to Manchester.

Under the EU261 legislation even if you book a codeshare flight with an EU provider but it is run by a non EU provider on a path that is not departing from the EU then you will certainly not be able to assert compensation for hold-ups under the EU261 policies. When it comes to the baggage you would generally send receipts for items you have to buy as an outcome of the bag being delayed as payment per se is not accountable. I note your remarks previously relating to airline liability for delay resulting from ‘bird strike’ and hope you might be able to advise on my case.