Worx Cordless Combination Kit 20 Volt Lithium.

Requiring backyard work requires hard working, reliable yard and garden power devices. Forget the irritation of untangling extension cords – the 18-volt battery- powered WORX GT can cut up to a 1/2 acre lawn on a single charge. It goes anywhere you need to. And unlike some more costly cordless models, the WORX GT features a 1-hour quick battery charger so you don’t have to await hours for the battery to re-charge … you’re back to work in minutes not hours. With the 2.0 there is an unlock knob that easily permits you to turn the head into its indented position. Mini Lawn mower: With another wheel position modification and head twist the GT ends up being a miniature mower.

The WORX GT Yard Trimmer/Edger provides new longer run-times and included power without the hassle of extension cords or messy gas engines. It includes an 18-volt battery pack that permits property owners the power needed to tackle your weekly trimming service. The WORX Electric GT 2-in-1 Trimmer features an unique pivoting head that tilts to fit in tight spaces or sloped landscapes. All WORX trimmers include an unique auto-feed trimmer line system, so you’ll never need to bump your trimmer to feed added line. Edger: I have said it prior to and I will state it again, the WORX GT is an amazing edger.

Even with this I will constantly have to do upkeep work on whatever trimmer I have wheteher it be changing a battery or the oil and gas on another trimmer, so whatever. A couple of guys I work with got the Worx GT and I’ve heard them both on the phone with the business complaining about them. It featured 2 batteries however one does my entire yard with no problem at all and I have a lot of things to trim around. I purchase the WORX GT2.0 MaxLithiumTM 3-in-1 Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mower over 2 month ago and now the car feet does not work, I need to stop and manually feed the line out to cut this take me longer to utilize the Trimmer/Edge. The change spools do not hold as much of the line as the ones that have the Trimmer/Edger.

With the 32V lithium-ion battery, it has a long life, no self-discharge, and no memory impact. I definitely like that both Andrew and I, and anybody else for that matter can change the GT 2.0 to their specifications and it’s perfect for all of us. Fortunately, WORX makes the awesome GT 2.0. An all-in-one trimmer, edger, and lawn mower Just take a look at the worx gt trimmer reviews difference in the trimmer area listed below! This trimmer is a great deal more effective than I thought it would be. Functions way better than our old electrical trimmer and I don’t need to combat with a cord. Even better, there’s definitely no battery memory, so you can charge your WORX GT Trimmer/Edger at any point during the charge cycle.

If you’re looking for a light-weight, adjustable, and hassle-free string trimmer, I highly suggest the WORX GT2.0 MaxLithium 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger. There have actually been no battery problems, string spindles have actually been easy to change, and I enjoy the convenience of not needing to gas up or plug in. It’s available at local merchants, on the WORX site, and on Amazon (as the worx gt2.0 reviews (read the full info here) WG160) for under $115. It’s also offered in the more powerful 32V model (WG175) and with a 1/2 hour quicker charger for $149.85.

With all these benefits you really need to get yourself a WORX GT 2.0 WG160 Cordless Lithium Turf Trimmer/Edger and Mini Mower, 20-volt, it will spend for itself in no time at all so don’t postpone and purchase the WORX GT 2.0 WG160 Cordless Lithium Grass Trimmer/Edger and Mini Mower, 20-volt now. Primarily meant for house owners with moderate to small backyards, the GT 2.0 is a truly green” option for backyard upkeep and permits you to keep and own one tool however get the service of three done! However, the three spools that had trimmer line already installed were a good addition. The line is self-feeding so say goodbye to tapping” and the spools are fast and easy to trade out.