Optional day tour in intellect the impending onslaught of reliable hand story

Optional working day tour impending onslaught genuine hand keep in mind the story, from the novel of the similar hand Optional day tour finally heading to meet you in intellect, which is to commit millions to develop the huge of a activity, that will not permit the recreation wreck the novel transpires, plot twists and turns ups waiting around for you to create a legend.
Optional working day I recall this novel tells the story of a fourteen-calendar year-previous boy Chen Changsheng was renamed to depart for health-related therapy master, and sooner or later turn into a robust story Guards. While it sounds pretty simple, but to restore to the recreation, we will need to do a large amount of points modify, no issue what the true plot or a duplicate things to do, let us enjoy the genuine fiction tale, certainly allow you immersive surroundings, fantastic to you to generate the myth of the Guards.

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