WG175 Worx GT 32V Max Lithium 12″ Lawn Trimmer Edger Mini Lawn mower For $129.99 Free.

The incredible user reports behind WORX products have been a function of this item. The Worx GT consists of 1 18 Volt NiCd Battery, Battery charger and a 16′ spool trimmer line in addition to a 2 year producer’s warranty. The WORX GT 2-in-1 Lawn Trimmer/Edger WG150 offers a vast array of quick and intuitive modifications to completely fit your individual comfort and perform jobs you could not do with any other turf and lawn trimmer. The WORX GT 2.0 comes standard with the most powerful and long-lasting battery ever offered.

Forget the stress of untangling extension cords – the 18-volt battery- powered worx 20v trimmer (click through the following web page) GT can trim as much as a 1/2 acre lawn on a single charge. It goes anywhere you need to. And unlike some more pricey cordless designs, the WORX GT features a 1-hour fast battery charger so you don’t need to wait for hours for the battery to re-charge … you’re back to work in minutes not hours. With the 2.0 there is an unlock knob that easily permits you to turn the head into its indented position. Mini Mower: With another wheel position change and head twist the GT becomes a tiny lawn mower.

If you wish to see what more people are stating about the Worx GT 2.0 multi-purpose weed eater, as well as get some info on rates, have a look at the link listed below. Protection included The GT 2.0 includes an adjustable spacer guard to protect plants, flowers and garden furniture from damage while cutting, making sure that you’ll never ever once more unintentionally cut where you didn’t suggest to. Cut more grass in less time The all-new WORX GT 2.0 high-density MaxLithium battery has an ability rating nearly twice that of previous WORX machines. Typical battery runtime for a cordless turf strimmer is between 40 to 50 minutes.

About the company: WORX has a substantial line that includes yard and hedge mowers, blowers, and trimmers. Consisted of in the box are the 32V MaxLithium GT 2.0 Mower/Trimmer/Edger, together with a 32V MaxLithium Battery, 3 Trimmer Spools, 1 Battery Charger, 1 Wheels, and 1 Safety Guard. Andrew quickly scanned (you understand men do not read instructions) the handbook to see to it he understood ways to work everything and actually within 2 minutes everything prepared to go. (It does take the battery a full 3 hours to charge).

Thanks, I will remain around as I like to see the evaluations of individuals who use garden items as I stated before, I was stating what I liked and did not like about the Worx. I have a little yard so a battery powered one is a great option for me. THe Worx though is not the end all trimmer even for me as I too have alot of concerns about the battery along with other issues. I will certainly let you understand how long the battery pack lasts and follow up bad and great.

Even with this I will certainly constantly have to do maintenance deal with whatever trimmer I have wheteher it be changing a battery or the oil and gas on another trimmer, so whatever. A few men I deal with got the worx gt battery life GT and I’ve heard them both on the phone with the company whining about them. It came with 2 batteries however one does my whole backyard with no issue at all and I have a great deal of stuff to cut around. I acquire the WORX GT2.0 MaxLithiumTM 3-in-1 Turf Trimmer/Edger/Mower over 2 month earlier and now the automobile feet does not work, I need to stop and by hand feed the line out to cut this take me longer to utilize the Trimmer/Edge. The replace spools do not hold as much of the line as the ones that have the Trimmer/Edger.